Here’s the challenge - Banks are tightening their lending criteria. This reduces LVRs and increases pre-sales requirements. Tightening credit drives up deposit requirements while the investor market is drying up. So what are your options as a property developer?

By using the Konkrete infrastructure, developers can:

#1: Take the power away from the banks

By utilising equity financing, you can fund more of your development project faster whilst not having to rely too heavily on the banks. Through partners like Estate Baron, you are able to structure more cost effective offers and raise funding faster.

#2: Access A Global Network Of Investors

Offers listed on Konkrete will attract a global network of investors who are already part of the crypto-token infrastructure. This exposure leads to faster equity raises at lower costs.

#3: Boost Demand From Home Buyers

One of the funds on Konkrete will enable prospective home buyers to crowdfund their deposits. This makes homeownership more affordable, increasing the demand for new properties and driving pre-sales now (rather than later).

#4: Shorter Intervals For Reinvestment

Traditionally, investors wait till they see returns from the initial development before re-investing. The waiting period takes years. Konkrete allows buying and selling of shares in a peer to peer fashion, providing liquidity to investors on-demand.

Picture This Scenario...

ABC Developments wants to undertake a $10M development project. The bank has approved 65%, and so the owners need to come up with the remaining 35%. They decide to raise 20% on the equity in their project.

Previously their only options were to:
  • Fund all of the equity component out of their own pocket
  • Raising investment from a limited source of HNW investors who expect high rates of return and expectations of control
  • Access mezzanine lending, which doesn’t cover all of their requirements and is also expensive
Any of these options is usually a time consuming and expensive undertaking.
With Konkrete, they have the ability to:
Effectively IPO on the blockchain and raise the 20% equity from a global pool of investors.

Instead of relying on few key investors who can be tapped out over time, they can take investments from retail investors all over the world.

Importantly, as the investors’ positions are liquid from day 1, the financing is cheaper than comparable methods as well (a potential guide is 10-15% annualised to investors).

Konkrete is currently undertaking a private funding round to build out the infrastructure which will enable the use cases above.

The offer is currently open to wholesale investors and the details of the offer are available via an Information Memorandum by request. To find out more, and to participate, book a time below to speak with one of the founders of Konkrete.

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