And we're starting with Australia

Aspiring owners are being priced out of the market.

More than 75% of Australians view home ownership as "the great Australian dream" but rising house prices are putting this dream out of reach for most, especially millennials who struggle to save for a deposit.

Property is notorious for being illiquid.

Owners find it difficult to access equity in their properties. There are no viable options apart from refinancing and taking on more debt or selling their assets. Both scenarios are typically not ideal for owners' financial situations.

Until now, property investment required a fortune.

Investors have always viewed property as a lucrative investment vehicle. This is due to leveraged returns stemming from low interest rates and high capital gains. Unfortunately, getting into the property investing game requires a prohibitive up-front commitment for most budding investors.

Our solution?

A property co-ownership platform on the Blockchain

Crowdfund Your Home Deposit
Release Equity from your Existing Property
A peer to peer global network for securities
An integrated Identity Verification KYC Solution
A Decentralized Ledger for Securities Registry
Automated AML/CTF Checks

Register your interest to participate in the future of fractional property ownership

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Konkrete is not just an idea, but the coming together of two existing entities, whose founders are seasoned entrepreneurs from the real estate and technology startup sector.
  • Australia's leading equity crowdfunding platform for property development
  • Founded in 2014 by Moresh Kokane
  • Profitable enterprise with over $10M raised on the platform
  • Over 3000 investors
  • Leading APAC Corporate Innovation Hub and Startup Accelerator
  • Founded in 2014 by Sean Qian & Steve Glaveski
  • Profitable enterprise who've incubated over 100 startups which have raised over $25M
  • Corporate clients include Charter Hall, NAB, Village Roadshow, Clifford Chance and Asahi

The Konkrete Token

The Konkrete Token (KKT) – an ERC-20-based token – will power the Konkrete platform and form the lifeblood of its ecosystem. Within our ecosystem, KKT will provide utility in the form of listing and transaction fees, recording of unit holder votes, AML/CTF checks and more.

Participants in the Konkrete share sale will receive bonus complimentary tokens via airdrop.

Join Konkrete to help Australians enter the property market, without giving up their smashed avocado!

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