1/20 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

Floor Area: 420 m2 | 9B Building Certificate
Multi-story office building.
This whole floor office has a capacity of 150 persons. The 9B Building certificate is for 7 classrooms.
Currently used for educational use, with other colleges in the building
* Recently fitted out for education use as per attached plan
* Short walk to Flinders Street Train Station and Collins Street.
* Disabled access and disabled toilet
* Impressive ground floor lobby
* Good natural light from front and rear of the property.
Loan Amount: $3,000,000 | 60% LVR | Interest: 10% PA | Term: 12 months
3,000,000 (QSM) tokens were minted on 20/04/2020 representing the loan. Click below to view loan agreement and title documents.